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Hello and Welcome,

We began Kendall Creek Farms in 1997. Although years ago, it seems like yesterday that I first encountered the wide-eyed wonders that now grace the fields of our farm in the hills of Northwestern Pennsylvania (Mapquest Map). I will never forget the first time that I gazed with curiosity at an alpaca. Although my heart was immediately taken with the adorable creature, my mind was consumed with a whirlwind of questions that I later found could not be put to rest.

The more research that was done to answer these questions, the more intrigued I became. As all rational people do, I looked for “the one big obvious reason” to end this research concerning alpacas and move on to more conventional interests. Years have past, but the “reason” has yet to be discovered. Shall I say, I eventually quit looking and focused on what was obvious. I had become an alpaca owner and breeder, not just an admirer of the cuddly animals.

And why not; my husband and I owned an abandoned dairy farm, we enjoyed being outdoors, and we had a small child whose safety was foremost. I was an accountant by day that understood the concepts of tax advantages, but I had also owned horses and loved animals. So, my mind had been satisfied, my research had been justified, and I was now ready to take the big step and become an alpaca rancher. Everything was a go except for one small (make that big) problem—my husband!

Being the corporate manager and self-proclaimed investing guru, he was quite certain that I had miss-counted a few beans and had a decimal point missing somewhere. Surely this was just an obsession with cute fuzzy animals and the “reason” to get over them would be found. He proceeded with his rational approach to make investment sense of alpaca ownership and end this nonsense. Needless to say, ten years and five times that many alpacas later, his time and interest once spent with the stock market, now reside in the alpaca market.

Of course there are many other aspects of our decision to get in the alpaca business. The country life, but five minutes from town. The desire for spacious land, but not the taxes. The fondness for raising livestock, but not for having to ‘process’ it to make a living. The need to retire some day, but not to a cruise ship. We think alpacas make sense for our situation. You are probably questioning some of the same things. Are alpacas right for you?

We think the way to help answer the question is to check them out very carefully. Come to our farm and ask all the questions you can think of. You should also go to The AOA Website, and request information concerning alpacas. You will be supplied with brochures and be given the basic information needed to start your quest. We are glad that you have given us the opportunity to assist you so far. There is a lot of information in the following pages, and more where that came from. Please take time to read the information, and let us know when we can answer any questions.

Kendall Creek Farms is a member of the national (AOBA), regional (MAPACA), and Pennsylvania Alpaca Owners and Breeders Associations (PAOBA). We are very proud to be recognized as respected breeders in this industry, and we would enjoy sharing our expertise with you. We are open to visitors virtually every day of the year. Please give us a call or send an e-mail for an appointment so that we may devote our full attention to your particular interests.

Whether you are just curious and would like a photo op, or ready to develop your farm and looking for that great package to get you started, we offer you that opportunity. Kendall Creek Farms produces and provides the finest AOBA certified champion livestock available for the knowledgeable investor. Call us and come visit our farm, let’s talk about alpacas.

Lori Works

Updated December 30, 2020