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The Yarn Barn

The Yarn Barn is open by appointment anytime. Call 814.362.4561 to schedule appointments.

At Kendall Creek Farms, we believe that the future of the alpaca industry lay with the luxurious fiber produced by these amazing animals.  When we initially entertained getting in the livestock business, we were looking for an investment for our property that would not involve the slaughter of the animal, but a livestock with a renewable resource.  We have certainly found that in the alpaca.

Alpaca fleece has been referred to as the ‘fiber of the gods’ for centuries in South America and for good reason.  Alpaca fleece is considered as one of the most rare and exquisite fibers in the world.  It is prized for its combination of fineness and strength that has virtually no rivals.  Alpaca fiber is both lighter and rarer than cashmere, and is far stronger, warmer, and more durable than wool.  Additionally, because alpaca fiber is virtually lanoline free, it does not require chemical processing (as wool does) and is hypoallergenic.

Each year in May, we harvest our alpaca fleece crop and reap the reward in beautiful fiber.  A number of these fleeces we keep intact and show at competitions across the country.  The remainder we have processed professionally and our fleece returned to us in the form of yarn.  We have a number of local artisan’s then make a variety of products for us and present them in our ‘Yarn Barn and Gift Shop’.  In addition, we also import fashions from Peru to supplement our offering.

The Kendall Creek Farms Yarn Barn and Gift Shop is open seasonally and always available by appointment.  We encourage you to come by the store to see and feel the results of our vertical integration in the alpaca industry.

Updated December 04, 2018